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Cleaning Your Car With A Pressure Washer

Posted by Megan on 19th Apr 2019

You’ll notice this week we’ve been talking all about pressure washers. We’ve created a handy guide to help you choose the perfect pressure washer which you can check out here if you want some helpful advice before making a purchase. Then once you’ve bought the gear but have no idea how to use it you can check out this post teaching you all the best hints and tips about how to clean your car with a pressure washer.

There is an ongoing debate in the team about how often we should be washing our cars. Some are obsessive about having shiny spoilers whereas others take a slightly more relaxed approach. We all know that bird poo, bugs, finger prints and pollen can wreak havoc on your car’s paintwork if not regularly washed away so I would recommend giving it a thorough clean at least once every couple of weeks to take care of your vehicle.

We’ve created this step by step guide to show you best car cleaning practice and allow you to achieve great results!

Step One: Setting Up Your Pressure Washer 

For the sake of this article we are going to assume you are setting up your pressure washer with a mains water system and you’re not using a water tank. This is because some pressure washers cannot be used with water tanks, so this is important to consider before making your purchase if a water tank is your main water source.

Begin by setting up your pressure washer, soap, cleaning accessories and anything else you might need. Unwind your electrical cord and connect it to a power source. Next, unravel your garden hose, ensuring there are no kinks or cracks in the tubing otherwise you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle when water begins spurting everywhere! Then connect the hose to the pressure washer.

Step Two: Rinse Off Top Layer Of Dirt

Now you are all set up and good to go you can turn on the pressure washer and begin rinsing off the top layer of dirt and grime from the car. You want to be getting a strong enough spray from the hose that you are able to remove dirt easily without damaging the car’s paintwork. To do this you can adjust the spray from your hose if you have a variable jet head nozzle or if your pressure washer hose doesn’t have this feature then you can stand closer or further to the vehicle to change the pressure manually.

Ensure that you are using sweeping motions moving down from the roof to the wheels. The reason for this is so that any dirt or mud is being washed off the vehicle and not just moved to another area. It also avoids small stones moving around the car and scratching the paintwork.

Step Three: Apply Soap

You wouldn’t wash your hair without using shampoo so the same principle applies for your car too. There are many different soap detergents on the market so we recommend you check the supplier’s guidance for how to use each specific one. Attach your foam jet to your hose and begin applying soap all over your car. We love this Karcher attachment as it applies soap evenly with low pressure walking is dead easy to control.

Allow the soap to sit for a few minutes to loosen any remaining dirt, grime or mud before rinsing off with the pressure washer again. Brands such as Karcher sell different brush heads to help you remove more stubborn grease and grime without causing any damage to the car. You can check out our range of accessories here.

Step Four: We Finish Like We Started- With A Rinse

Finally, rinse off all the soap and reveal your car clean as new. Remember to place close attention to more fragile areas such as windows and mirrors ensuring to apply less water pressure to these particular spots. Remember to give your brushes and accessory heads a good wash after you’ve used them so you don’t accidentally pick up old grit next time you use them scraping it across the car leaving lasting damage.

We stock a wide range of high quality machines like Karcher power washers and Nilfisk pressure washers. Don’t forget that we also offer Gorilla Finance to allow you to buy now and pay later with 0% interest making it easier than ever to buy all the tools and equipment you need to get your car in great shape again!

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