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Hand Tools

Here you’ll find a full range of tools from our trusted brands

  • Screw Pitch Gauge Set 30pc UNC-UNF

    Screw Pitch Gauge Set 30pc UNC-UNF

    £5.52 (Inc. VAT)
    £4.60 (Ex. VAT)

    • Folding 30 blade set individually stamped with accurate thread profiles. • American National Thread UNC-UNF 4-62tpi. • Model No. AK72SPG

  • Smoothing Plane

    Smoothing Plane

    £24.99 (Inc. VAT)
    £20.82 (Ex. VAT)

    ƒ?› Machined, cast iron body with chrome plated pressure plate. ƒ?› Hardened, carbon steel blade with brass nut for depth adjustment, and lever for lateral adjustment. ƒ?› Wooden handle and knob for added comfort. ƒ?› Suitable for professional and DIY...

  • Block Plane

    Block Plane

    £23.32 (Inc. VAT)
    £19.43 (Ex. VAT)

    ƒ?› Cast iron body with hardened carbon steel cut blade. ƒ?› Adjustable for depth of cut. ƒ?› Lateral and mouth adjustments for coarse and fine work. ƒ?› Lever, cam and screw adjusted cutter head. ƒ?› Machined, recessed sides for firm grip. ƒ?› Suitable...

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