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Vehicle Clamps & Barriers

Secure your car/parking space with one of our vehicle clamps & barriers

  • Wheel Clamp with Lock & Key
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    Wheel Clamp with Lock & Key

    £48.32 (Inc. VAT)
    £40.27 (Ex. VAT)

    ƒ?› Triple arms lock around tyre. ƒ?› Quick sliding action makes fitting easy. ƒ?› Fully lockable and supplied with two keys. ƒ?› Finished in yellow for high visibility. ƒ?› Minimum/Maximum Clamp Diameter: 540/740mm. ƒ?› Model No. PB396

  • Claw Car Wheel Clamp with Lock & Key
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    Claw Car Wheel Clamp with Lock & Key

    £34.92 (Inc. VAT)
    £29.10 (Ex. VAT)

    ƒ?› Claw locks around wheel rim and tyre. ƒ?› Simple and quick ratchet action makes fitting easy. ƒ?› No need to touch wheel or tyre when installing/removing so hands remain clean. ƒ?› Plastic sleeved claws will not damage alloys. ƒ?› Yellow and red...

  • Steering Wheel Lock
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    Steering Wheel Lock

    £18.84 (Inc. VAT)
    £15.70 (Ex. VAT)

    ƒ?› Hardened steel lock that is quick and easy to fit to steering wheel. ƒ?› Highly visible deterrent to the vehicle thief. ƒ?› Vinyl coated to protect steering wheel. ƒ?› Supplied with two keys. ƒ?› Model No. PB393

  • No Parking Barrier
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    No Parking Barrier

    £83.06 (Inc. VAT)
    £69.22 (Ex. VAT)

    ƒ?› Heavy-duty tubular steel construction barrier. ƒ?› Fitted with locking pin feature to secure sign in upright position. ƒ?› Supplied with three securing bolts and two keys. ƒ?› For full security, we suggest you drill out the screw head after...

  • Parking Barrier Triple Leg
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    Parking Barrier Triple Leg

    £55.16 (Inc. VAT)
    £45.97 (Ex. VAT)

    ƒ?› Parking barrier manufactured from ??35mm tube steel. ƒ?› Supplied with padlock and two keys. ƒ?› All parts galvanized or zinc plated for corrosion resistance. ƒ?› Min./Max. Height: 50/440mm. ƒ?› Width: 690mm. ƒ?› Model No. PB296

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